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Welcome to Fusion40Fitness!

Transforming physically ordinary people into physically extraordinary people from the inside out is our priority.

Founded by Dallas Voice celebrated health education, private trainer, exercise and wellness program specialist WiL Turner, Fusion40Fitness provides services in private and group fitness, nutrition & wellness coaching to serve the health needs of all ages, fitness levels, life styles and orientations. It is the mission of Fusion40Fitness to nurture, protect and preserve the health of all people. We proudly support the health endeavors of those seeking to live healthier, happier lives in MIND, BODY and SPIRIT.

Fusion40Fitness specializes in developing private training and group exercise programs that combines technology, physical science, Yoga, endurance training, strength training, pl-yo metric training and FMS (functional movement training) with wellness and nutrition counseling.

You belong here!
Our goal is to ensure all clients we serve receives the best service in private training, group exercise, nutrition consultation, psychological wellness counseling workshops and life coaching, physiological rehabilitative and restorative functional training workshops for weight loss, to build strength, improve cores stability, flexibility, mobility, posture for health maintenance and injury prevention.

Fusion40Fitness bridges the gap between social entrepreneurship, fitness and health education, mental wellness and social health, community and business enterprise to foster both the physical and economic progress of the communities where we live, work and play. Our commitment in fitness, health and wellness services is dedicated to facilitate the health needs of business and working professionals, doctors, lawyers, TV celebrities, fitness enthusiast, stay at home moms, tourists and travel destinations, youth and seniors, those who are over weight, living with Diabetes and HIV positive.

Not only do our clients look great, They feel great! They are great!